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Doctails (Woohoo!) — 11 Cocktails for 11 Doctors

I have mentioned here and there that I’ve been amassing participants for a SEEKRIT PROJECT at to do with Doctor Who and the 50th Anniversary. Well, it is now revealed! Basically I was crowd-sourcing Doctor Who themed cocktails as well as … Continue reading

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Poem for a New Brooklynite

Taking poll: how shall I attempt to feel better, after hours of unpacking broken glass? Go out and carouse? Stay in with comfort food? — Maria DahvanaHeadley (@MARIADAHVANA) November 15, 2013 One of these boxes was exclusively composed of blackened … Continue reading

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Review: Nicola Griffith’s HILD at NPR Books

My review of Nicola Griffith’s Hild is up at NPR Books! In brief: I can’t recommend it enough, and slammed up against word count before I could even scrape the surface of the thousand and one MORE things I loved about it. This … Continue reading

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Hoisting a Sale: “Turning the Leaves” to Apex Magazine

A few weeks before Lynne Thomas announced that she was stepping down from her position as Editor-in-Chief of Apex Magazine, she wrote me an e-mail telling me that she would be, and was putting together her last few issues. She concluded by saying, “Amal, will … Continue reading

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Three Posts on

Links! So many links! Since Thor: The Dark World is opening in the US this Friday, I figured I should link to my review of it on! And while I’m linking to reviews, a few weeks ago I wrote an indictment of The Legend … Continue reading

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