A Bird is Not a Stone: Kickstarter for Contemporary Palestinian Poetry

“Roof Series: Satellites,” by Raed Issa

Yesterday, editors Sarah Irving and Henry Bell launched a Kickstarter to raise money in support of A Bird is Not a Stone: Palestinian Poetry in Translation. The collection — to which I contributed a translation of Bisan Abu Khaled’s work — looks amazing, and includes poetry translated into English, Scots, Gaelic, and Shetlandic.

The book will be released this summer from Freight Books in Glasgow, but the Kickstarter’s stated purpose is as follows:

We want to make sure that this collection and the messages it carries – of cultural vitality, of life, of communication – find the widest possible audience. In order to do that, we are fundraising for two things. Firstly, to be able to share as many copies of the book as possible, principally with universities, libraries and other institutions in Palestine and in Palestinian refugee communities. And secondly, to enable Palestinian poets to come to Scotland (and, ok, maybe the rest of Britain) and Scottish poets to visit Palestine, to share their work with different audiences.

You can read an interview with the editors about the project and more about the book itself here. You can also pre-order it from Freight Books directly; all proceeds fund Palestinian-led creative projects in Palestine.


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1 Response to A Bird is Not a Stone: Kickstarter for Contemporary Palestinian Poetry

  1. andreablythe says:

    This sounds fantastic! Will definitely have to pick this one up.

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