PodCasts: Rocket Talk and Down and Safe

I’m learning to accept that as much as I’m a regular blogger in my head, the reality is that I’ll keep that head down for months at a time working on various things only to have them all come to fruition in the same week, occasioning a sudden burst of activity here as I try to tell you about everything.

So! Here goes.

Along with Scott Lynch, L M Myles, and Michael Damian Thomas, I’m part of a shiny new podcast called Down and Safe, in which we watch and reflect on iconic 70s British SF show Blake’s 7. I’ve never watched it before — the only one of us coming to it fresh — and I am having A BLAST. You can dust off your VHS tapes or reacquaint yourself with your box set or watch it along with me for the first time — the show’s almost entirely on Youtube, I believe. We have a teaser episode here and our first proper full episode here — in the latter we cover the first two episodes of the show, “The Way Back” and “Space Fall.” Not 5 minutes in we’re already fending off sinister ice cream vans and having a grand old time. Down and Safe will air bi-weekly, and you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with new episodes, or subscribe to us on iTunes.

I’ve been reading and reviewing things! Lots of things! One of those things is Naomi Novik’s Uprooted, and since Justin Landon was looking for someone to squee with, I’m over at Rocket Talk gushing with him over what an incredible book it is. Most often my attempts at articulation and eloquence deteriorate into frustrated sighs and desk-pounding, which is terrible podcast etiquette, but if it enables people to know just how great a book is Uprooted I’ll put it in the win column all the same. My NPR review will go up this weekend.

In addition to the above I’ve been taking two grad courses in half the time usually allotted to them, writing and recording music, dressing up as an Edwardian crow in Westerly, RI, running my first 5K, planning a wedding, reading, reviewing, reviewing, reading, tutoring, occasionally sleeping, and trying to keep my elderly cat in good health, so please forgive me if I owe you correspondence or contact — September’s a bit of an event horizon for me right now and I am not entirely sure what of me will emerge into it when all’s said and done.


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3 Responses to PodCasts: Rocket Talk and Down and Safe

  1. Karim says:

    I should get around to watching Blake’s 7. My uncle’s been nagging at me about it for years.

    Off-topic, Amal, but I’m curious:

    Do you speak Arabic? Because your name has a delightful meaning in the language and I was wondering if you were aware of it.

    • You totally should watch it! And follow along with the podcast! 😀

      I do speak Arabic; it’s chronologically my first language, though the one I now speak with least ease. My reading/writing comprehension’s only at about 5th grade level, but I’m just a notch or two above heritage-speaker in fluency.

      • Karim says:

        So you totally know that your name means The Hope of the Wanderer/Lost! Which — look, I’m irrationally excited about this because of SFF and your posts and interests and because I’ve, like, created this scenario in my head where you lead people to more obscure SFF books and stuff. This brings-out the teenager in me that I left almost a decade ago.

        Best name ever? Probably.

        (I suppose this is a good incentive as any to watch Blake’s 7, too, but I basically realised what your name meant while browsing Tor and anyway hi.)

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