Down and Safe: Episode 5 – Buzzy the Robot That Tried

Thursday came and went without me announcing that a new episode of Down and Safe is live! It’s our fifth episode, in which we look at S1E6 of Blake’s 7: “Seek-Locate-Destroy.” I swoon over Servalan and brood disapprovingly over Travis. Also listening back I honest-to-goodness SPLUTTERED at one point over something Servalan-related.

Oh, Servalan.
bernardshyA refresher: Down and Safe is a fortnightly podcast where Liz Myles, Michael D Thomas, Scott Lynch and I watch all the episodes of iconic 70s British SF show Blake’s 7 and discuss them with loving exasperation and the occasional several rather a lot of  some dirty jokes. I’m the only one who hasn’t seen the show before, so occasionally we have a segment called Consulting Orac where I’m teleported out of the room so the others can have a more spoilery discussion about how a given episode relates to future stuff.

I am having truly ludicrous amounts of fun doing this. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe to us on iTunes or via old school RSS.

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