Down and Safe: Episode 6 – Bad Oregon Trail Players

Yesterday saw the release of a new episode of Down and Safe, the podcast where Liz Myles, Scott Lynch, Michael Thomas and I talk about each episode of Blake’s 7. This week we look at “Mission to Destiny.”

In the sixth episode of Down and Safe, Michael, Liz, Scott, and Amal discuss Mission to Destiny, the seventh episode of Blake’s 7, and manage to keep the recording to under an hour! They blame Terry Nation. Poor Terry Nation, and his dull, dull Mission to Destiny characters. Not even the prospect of Planet Mushroom could really save it.

We’re up to Episode 7 of the show and Episode 6 of the podcast, and you can follow along by watching the show on the Tube of You.

I can totally hear the scratch in my post-Readercon voice this episode.

In other news, it is the last day of the month. Little gasps of terror keep hitching my heart at the prospect of tomorrow beginning August, during which All of the Things occur faster and more furiously than they’ve been doing all year.

Here goes.

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1 Response to Down and Safe: Episode 6 – Bad Oregon Trail Players

  1. urdith says:

    Ah, “Terry Nation’s Agatha Christy’s Mission to Destiny.” This episode was very much a “OK, need to fill this hour in. I’ve got a free weekend. Let me pull that Christy knock-off down from the shelf.” The joys of filler episodes!

    In it’s defense, though – it was the late 70’s. Every hair and beard combo is a threatening hair and beard combo. It screams “Here, let’s hit the disco and, why no, that’s not a Quaalude filled drinke…”

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