Wedding Photos – Highlights

So I’m married now.

Stuart and Amal-256

I married this guy.

Stuart and Amal-290

I wore something old

Engagement Ring

something new

Stuart and Amal-3

something borrowed

Stuart and Amal-67

something blue

Stuart and Amal-79

Stuart and Amal-77

and silver sixpence in my shoe.

Stuart and Amal-70

It happened on August 22. The day was perfect, and I feel part of me is still there, gazing at my almost-husband in the impossibly pure light of summer’s end between trees by a river.

Stuart and Amal-41 Stuart and Amal-38
Stuart and Amal-232

We literally tied a knot.

Stuart and Amal-246

And then carried it around with us for a while.

Stuart and Amal-258

Stuart and Amal-343

We were — we are — very happy.

Stuart and Amal-267

We partied! We ate cake!

Stuart and Amal-478 Stuart and Amal-479

And since I’ve introduced him to Steven Universe, we’ve been working on our Fusion.

Stuart and Amal-413

A year’s worth of planning, what felt like three years’ worth of work, all done, all sublimated into a day’s bliss of family, friends, food — and a new, different kind of work just on the horizon. It’s been amazing.

We travelled together through Montreal, Quebec City, and Halifax, parted briefly and reunited. I’m in Glasgow now for two weeks, and the slow vanishing of colour on my nails is measuring my growing distance from the day — but part of me is still there, gazing, and I hope to keep it there, for all the coming months of being apart, until we’re together again.

I can’t entirely believe it’s over.

Stuart and Amal-399

All photos by Rima Dickson.

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4 Responses to Wedding Photos – Highlights

  1. Maria Guglielmo says:

    Congratulations! What lovely photos!

  2. Many happy returns! Thank you for the peek into your beautiful day.

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