VIDEO: Uncanny Duel with Max Gladstone

We bit our thumbs. We bit them at each other. We put up our swords, and today, we put up also our videos.

Some months ago during Uncanny Magazine‘s Year Two Kickstarter, Max Gladstone and I pledged to make duelling silly videos. There was a possibility of involving Shakespeare. But this idea sort of grew in the telling and culminated in me challenging Max to an actual duel with swords during World Fantasy over a Delicate Personal Matter,  and consequently — well, you’ll have to watch and see. (Do make sure to read the credits, they’re delightful.)

But fun as it was, I confess to actually loving the gag reel even more. Marvel at Gladstone’s Uncanny Editing Skills!

This was absolutely the highlight of WFC 2015 for me. Enjoy! And do subscribe to Uncanny!


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4 Responses to VIDEO: Uncanny Duel with Max Gladstone

  1. Amelia says:

    Things like this makes me wish I could always be at cons!

  2. L. M. Myles says:

    OMG. Okay, Amal, I DO NOT SAY THIS LIGHTLY but you should srsly consider giving up the writing and editing and podcasting and ALL THAT TERRIBLE STUFF so you can make Internet dueling videos. THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL.

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