I don’t think you’re ready

…for this jelly.

And not counting the pile by the sink, there are still two full buckets of apples to get through! Everything is apples! Beautiful fragrant delicious apples!

Meanwhile the day is rainy and cool.

Today is for tea and family and quiet work while the weather shushes everything outside. I love this kind of day: a cool grey blanket to gather around one’s shoulders and thoughts.

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2 Responses to I don’t think you’re ready

  1. csecooney says:

    In my youth, I would rhyme
    For a chance at your jelly
    My couplet for a kingdom
    Of sweet in my belly




    • But now that you’re grown
      you’ll write five dozen lines
      from your thirty-year throne
      for a taste of my vines?

      Say it not so, O Queen of bright heat
      for your laughter alone
      I’ll boil orchards to sweet.

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