In Lieu of Tweets, This Post

I miss the Toast. Where else can I pitch an article about Beyoncé and writing fantasy and trust it will find its truest audience?


Today I’m wearing a key on a necklace. It turns no locks. It hangs between either side of the lanyard on which I wear the keys to my offices on two campuses. I can’t look at my chest without thinking about ornament and utility and the significance of choosing or not choosing between them.


This photo is overexposed and blurry but I love it and keep pulling it up to look at it.img_2560


A Marceline funko-pop sits on my desk, behind a red button-pin exhorting the world to Drop Student Debt. I can’t look at her without smiling, but lately I find myself substituting “Marceline” for “Jacqueline” in the Franz Ferdinand song and writing Adventure Time fanfic through the lyrics in my head while I should be finishing Caleb Williams.



Back to work.

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1 Response to In Lieu of Tweets, This Post

  1. csecooney says:

    You’re a true blue beauty and stain like the best wine.

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