Off Social Media Until May 9! Again!

Yes, again.

So, let’s see how last month’s goals shaped up while I wasn’t on Twitter:

  • continue to teach 2 courses
  • read for comprehensive exams
  • read for reviews
  • get my house in order for April visitors
  • write 3 chapters of novel
  • record podcasts
  • play with my nephew
  • commit to getting healthy again

As compared to April’s goals, which — what’s that? There are only 9 days of April left? I didn’t set any April goals here? And am definitely not going to have written 3 chapters?


It really does disturb and upset me to realize how quickly time passes — unmarked time, time I can’t remember spending — when I’m available to social media. I need restraints on it, and right now a number of other factors are making it uncomfortably all-or-nothing in terms of the attention I give it. So it’s got to be nothing.

May is full of exams, turning in grades, revisions, and travel. I need the extra focus that comes of not having my head full of noises.

That said, I’ve started a newsletter! I’ll send the first mailing out soon. If you’d like to keep up to date with my news and appearances and so on while I’m off social media — and my goodness but there’s a lot of travel coming up this summer — I invite you to subscribe.

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2 Responses to Off Social Media Until May 9! Again!

  1. Kaleb Russell says:

    I SERIOUSLY need to follow your lead, Amal. Social media takes up way too much of my time and it really is disturbing once you’ve come to that realization. Aside from deleting social media from your phone, how do you manage it? Do you have someone to keep you accountable or is it purely strength of will? I imagine it’d be the latter. I wish you the best of luck with Finals! Mine are next week and it’s looking to be a pretty hectic one at that. Enjoy your break! 😉

    • I find the announcement combined with a firm departure date is crucial for me. But after the first, day, honestly, it’s a relief to have a barrier between me and opening up Twitter on my laptop. I haven’t yet gone so far as to use software to ban it and Facebook, largely because after the brain-sugar-crash everything feels calmer and easier and my time gets filled up with non-screen-related things. All strength to you in seeking out your own break!

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