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2013 Award Eligibility

Pretty simple this year!

I only had one new story appear in 2013, but it’s one I feel very strongly about, and my first novelette (by the skin of its teeth!). I also contributed an essay to Queers Dig Time Lords, which is a genuinely fantastic collection of essays I think is pretty award-worthy.

So here’s a break-down of categories in which work of mine is eligible:


– “A Hollow Play,” in Glitter & Mayhem (which can be listened to for free at PodCastle here)

Best Anthology:

Glitter & Mayhem

Best Related Work:

Queers Dig Time Lords


“Lost,” Strange Horizons
“An Elegy for Evelyn Cream,” Flying Higher
“This Talk of Poems,” Mythic Delirium 0.1
“Turning the Leaves,” Apex Magazine

Also a note for anyone nominating for Auroras: I am Canadian!