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Photo of me on the left next to textbox that reads FOUR NEW BOOKS FROM AUTHOR AMAL EL-MOHTAR, above the Tor Books logo.

Letter of News: Wayward, Yellowface, and Kind of a Big Deal

Dear Friends, I promise this isn't a daily newsletter! These are merely extraordinary circumstances! I'm writing to you from Vancouver
2 min read
Meme captioned "a good book can change your life": wee men walk under a tented copy of Time War & emerge as Nicholas Wolfwood

The Twelve Days of Bigolas Dickolas Wolfwood

Dear Friends, Previously, on Amal Content: A lot has happened since then. I truly struggle with how to talk about
5 min read
Screenshot of my tweet reads "I do not understand what is happening but I am incomprehensibly grateful to bigolas dickolas"

I tried to title this post for twenty minutes and failed

Dear Friends, What's this! Another newsletter, so fast on the heels of the last? Forgive me – it's time-sensitive and extraordinary.
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Cherry plum branches, their new green leaves glowing with light against a blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

Letter of News: Star Wars, New Column, Many Links

Dear Friends, I've found it so difficult to write a newsletter lately. So much has happened since last I wrote
5 min read
Snowy train tracks flanked by trees under a blue sky, with the city of Toronto silhouetted in the distance.

Suddenly, Toronto

Dear Friends, I've written before about how much hospitality means to me, and how double-edged is my engagement with it:
3 min read
Against a blurred snowy background, close up on five drops of water clinging to a thorny horizontal red-green branch.

Letter of News: Early March Link Roundup

Dear Friends, I'm writing this from yet another white-out day of constant snow and craving a little more colour in
3 min read
A skeletal winter tree foregrounded against pure blue sky, with two silhouetted crows perched towards the top right branches.

AugurCon Keynote 2022: Up With the Birds

Dear Readers, What follows is the transcript – edited and condensed for clarity – of a keynote talk I was invited to
26 min read
Close up on a pinecone ornament dangling from a bare branch on a bright sunny day against a snowy background.

Letter of News: Columns of Witches Dressed as People

Dear friends, February's felt uncharacteristically long, and I think it's mostly been the snow. But today the sun touched my
5 min read
A fresh-baked sourdough boule, slashed such that a square of concentric flour circles sits decoratively atop the loaf.

Fresh Out of New Years

Dear Friends, I've often said that I feel there should be one full month between the end of December and
4 min read
A tangle of black branches blanketed in snow over a riverbank bordered by snow-topped boulders and tall snowy grasses.

Letter of News: Columns and Keynotes

Dear Friends, This is not the newsletter in which I talk about Twitter being gutted by a billionaire buffoon, or
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