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The River Kelvin in Glasgow seen from a bridge above it, flanked with dark green trees.

The River Has Roots: Excerpt and Cover Reveal

Dear Friends, I'm so excited to get to share with you the cover of my next book! It&
3 min read
Blackberry brambles in white bloom against a sunny blue sky, the sun tangled up in one of the top stems.

Letter of News: Vanished Spring Edition

Dear Friends, The crocuses, squill, and lilacs have all been and gone. The last time I wrote was March 8,
5 min read
Bare branches tipped with winter berries casting shadows indistinguishable from themselves against a red brick wall.

Decisions and Revisions Which a Minute Will Reverse

The following actions are more important to me than anything to do with my career, and I hope you won&
6 min read
A Bohemian Waxwing stands regal on branches laden with small red fruit

2024 New Year's Bird

If you're in Canada, this informational google doc is updated almost daily with information, scripts, and direct actions
7 min read
Close up on a dark brown plate holding a dollop of labaneh and triangles of zaatar flatbread called manaeesh.

Sour Milk, Bitter Herbs, and a Word Containing Grief

If you're in Canada, this informational google doc is updated almost daily with information, scripts, and direct actions
4 min read
A colourful sunset over the Outaouais River framed by bare tree branches, with two empty picnic tables in foreground.

Letter of News: Star Crossed, Signed Copies of Time War, Readercon, MusicalSplaining, and Project Pizza

Dear Friends, It's been almost two months since I've written to you. Partly this was due
6 min read
A red brick wall covered in vines and branches, broad leaves shifting colour from green to red at the beginning of autumn.

Letter of News: Books of Witches, Can*Con schedule and Menewood Review

Dear Friends, It's October! There's a great deal to share! Let's dive into it.
3 min read
A view of the Ottawa river from Remic Rapids, with its famous free-standing stacked stone sculptures in the foreground.

Can*Con Schedule - October 13-15

Here's my finalized schedule for Can*Con, Ottawa's local SFF convention! I'm so happy
2 min read
Two stacks of signed This Is How You Lose the Time War on a bookstore counter angled like wings behind one faced-out copy.

The first day of Autumn

is, calendrically speaking, still a week away, but today I felt it: the weather cold enough to demand a hoodie,
3 min read
Rough-hewn stone steps flanked by flowering raspberry shrubs and greenery, leading up to mystery.

How far can you travel into August

When I was a child, I watched with great and regular passion a show called Are You Afraid of the
4 min read