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Limited Edition of The Honey Month From Papaveria Press

Here is a truly beautiful thing.

This would be the hand-bound, limited edition of The Honey Month, two years in the making. The idea was to have the book engage the senses, so in addition to being a feast for the eyes and hands where Oliver Hunter and Erzebet YellowBoy’s art is concerned, the limited edition would also provide a vial of one of the honeys in the book to smell and taste, and a CD of my reading the text to listen to.

Due to the incredibly laborious nature of hand-crafting such a thing, there were only ever going to be 28 copies available for purchase, and an early reservation list filled up pretty quickly. However, now that the book’s here and the publisher’s writing to people to confirm whether or not they still want it, some places are freeing up. Once the publisher has determined how many copies remain unspoken for, those copies will go up on Papaveria Press’ Catalogue and be available on a first come, first served basis.

This process is totally out of my hands. What you should do if you want a copy is to follow Papaveria’s Facebook page or Twitter Feed to see when copies appear for sale. This should happen in the next couple of weeks.

ON THAT NOTE: if you had your name on the initial reservation list, happen to have changed e-mail addresses in the interim, and still want a copy? Write to the publisher. There are a couple of people whose addresses appear to have become defunct.

If you had your name on the reservation list and no longer want the book, please don’t hesitate to tell the publisher. There are no hard feelings! Honest! I’m bowled over (but completely unsurprised, given Erzebet’s amazingness) by how many people are expressing interest in it. Your reserved copy will find a loving home.

Further Things You Should Know About This Book:

– The book will cost £40.00 + shipping, and the publisher can only accept payment by PayPal.
– This book is being assembled in an environment which contains cats. Thar be allergens.

Still Further Things You May As Well Be Reminded Of:

The limited is only one of three editions of The Honey Month! The other two are as follow:

E-Book by Cheeky Frawg: with a new cover by Jeremy Zerfoss! Available from Cheeky Frawg, Weightless Books, Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, and Barnes and Noble, for all your various e-reading devices’ needs! Does not contain Oliver Hunter’s illustrations, which remain the sole province of the print editions.

Paperback by Papaveria Press: available from Papaveria Press, Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, as well as The Book Depository. Contains Oliver Hunter’s illustrations.

And that’s all. I’m going to go back to petting my screen.