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Catch-All Award Eligibility Post: Nebula, Rhysling, Hugo

It is award season, and through a number of surprising turns of events I find myself eligible to nominate works for the Nebula, Rhysling, AND Hugo this year.

I want to be reading everything that is not my own rehashed, revised, reworked, rewritten Coleridge chapter, but there’s no way around that at present, and I won’t be able to do so until next week. Still, I figure I should make this post now to say, please post to me your eligibilities in comments! At the moment I can’t quite deal with the thought of being e-mailed stuff, but if you indicate in the comment that you HAVE something to e-mail to me that isn’t available online, then I’ll have a handy list to refer to come next week.

Below are my own eligibilities.

Award: Nebula!
Deadline: Wednesday, February 15, 23:59 PST
Who Can Nominate: All active and associate members of SFWA in good standing.

My Eligible Work:

SHORT STORY category:

– “To Follow the Waves,” in Steam-Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories. The link is to Marguerite Croft’s gorgeous reading of it on PodCastle, but I can send the text to SFWA members on request.

– “The Singing Fish,” in The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities. Likewise, I can send the text on request.

Of the above, I’m proudest of “To Follow the Waves,” and would be most happy to see it and Steam-Powered (1 and 2!) getting more attention. If you enjoyed either story but don’t want to nominate them, going to the SFWA Forums and suggesting them (my goodness the new forums are gorgeous and easy to navigate! It’s like clicking “Like” on Facebook!) would be deeply appreciated.

Award: Rhysling!
Deadline: Wednesday, February 15th, 23:59 PST
Who Can Nominate: Members of The Science Fiction Poetry Association in good standing.

My Eligible Work:

SHORT category:

– “Pieces,” in Stone Telling #4

– “In Search of a North Countrie,” in Apex #29

– “Stairs in Her Hair“, in Welcome to Bordertown (link is to the song on Youtube, text available on request)

LONG category:

– “Biting Tongues,” WisCon Chronicles vol. 5, text available on request.

Of the above, I personally feel like I got the most right with “Pieces.”

Award: Hugo!
Deadline: Sunday, March 11th, 23:59 PST
Who Can Nominate: Members of Renovation (last year’s Worldcon), Chicon 7 (this year’s Worldcon) or LoneStarCon 3 (next year’s Worldcon, but must become a member by January 31).

Ferret Steinmetz has a good post about why getting a supporting membership, if you can afford it and enjoy e-books, is good value for money in addition to giving you the chance to influence the field.

My Eligible Work:


– “To Follow the Waves,” as above.

– “The Singing Fish,” as above.

And that’s that! And, because it’s just such a good expression of all the tensions and anxieties and hopes that go into this time of year, here is A Softer World, telling it like it is: