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Down and Safe: Episode 9 - Phlegmatic Science Fiction


Rejoice and make merry, for there is a new episode of Down and Safe, the podcast in which Michael D Thomas, Liz M Myles, Scott Lynch and I discuss each episode of iconic British SF TV show Blake’s 7. Something I said made it into the title this time! THIS IS A TRIUMPH FOR ME!

Since I’m not actually sure that bit made it into the episode — I proposed organizing SF by classical humours rather than along the usual Mohs Scale of SF Hardness. “Hard” and “Soft” make no sense as metrics of SF variation! But the humours? Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Melancholic? AMAZE. And you can apply them to fantasy too!

I may try to expand that into a proper essay at some point instead of a throwaway (literally, THANKS LIZ, maybe?) bit of dubious wit on a podcast but that’s the gist.