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Friday Open Thread (on Saturday, with Sun)

Dear friends,

Sorry for the delay! This week was very hard but full of accomplished tasks of long standing, and today actually feels like the beginning of a real weekend — and, joyfully, it’s a longer one than usual in Canada.

A friend and I have been making each other short playlists — 9-12 songs organized around a given title — and yesterday we did a swap with the title “Here Comes the Sun.” So my question to you — what’s a song that makes you feel or think of sunshine? Doesn’t have to have the word in the lyrics, just that feeling of warmth and light, or whatever you associate with sunshine.

My mix took a weird turn and ended up not really including song that felt like summer and yellow light to me, so here’s one: “Road Trippin’” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

But my other fore-of-the-mind choice is Björk’s “Sun in My Mouth”.

What are yours?