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Friday Open Thread (with Anniversaries)

Dear Friends,

I’m very sorry for missing last week’s Open Thread. I’m not having the greatest time lately, depressed and overwhelmed by a great many things, including a difficulty with sitting upright for more than a few minutes at a time as different parts of my back play a weird game of whack-amal with each other. I’m in the middle of several pieces of work, none of which are fiction, and the green bowl of Mirkwood swells up in all directions telling me there’s no end to the forest, but further, I won’t find the end before the spiders catch up with me.

But it hasn’t all been gloom — besides the numerous lovely things that I’m gathering into a Letter of News for next week, tomorrow is my wedding anniversary.

5 years! The Wooden Anniversary! Trying not to read too much into that when everything is on so much  literal and figurative fire, but nevertheless, I have an absurd gift for him that I am excited for him to open tomorrow. Our tentative plan is to drive out to somewhere green and quiet and contemplate the sky.

So I’d love to know: what anniversaries do you celebrate, and how do you celebrate them?