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Friday Open Thread (with autumn & take-out)

Dear Friends!

My apologies for missing the last couple of Fridays — moving is a thing, and so is teaching, and when I haven’t been teaching I have been unpacking boxes and generally settling into the shape of the new place, and for the last two weeks I’ve only noticed Friday in retrospect from somewhere on Saturday afternoon.

Today, though, was special.

Stu and I went out to the countryside with our friend Kevin, and wandered around the autumnal loveliness of my family’s home. We went with no expectation of sharing a meal, but were coaxed into staying for an early dinner courtesy of my sister and brother-in-law bringing take-out after they’d finished their respective work days.

My sister and her husband are both musicians — and through some combination of weather, silliness, hunger, and general loveliness, composed lyrics about the shawarma and pizza they were bringing in the thirty minutes it took them to drive over, and sang those lyrics to the tune of “Californication” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Naturally, we took video.

(I have no idea whether vertical or horizontal video is the done thing anymore! I hope this is legible to your screens!)

Tell me, then, friends, whether or not you are musical — tell me of a time your take-out was so phenomenal either in substance or context that you would’ve liked to compose music to it, write odes to it, affirm its nourishment of your bodies in some kind of art.

(Also if you like what you heard here you should check out my brother-in-law’s youtube channel! In addition to “tune transplants” — putting one song’s lyrics to another song’s music — he made this fantastic acoustic cover of “Speaking Moistly,” memorializing a truly baffling moment in Canadian history from approximately 80 years ago aka April.)