Friday Open Thread (with reading)
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Friday Open Thread (with reading)

Dear friends! It’s Friday! This time of year is very birthday-laden in my family, as my brother, sister, and husband all celebrate theirs within about a week of each other, so I’m doing a bit of running around. This is also the beginning of what gets called “Award Season” in SFF; I just got an email informing me there’s just under a month left to nominate works for the Nebula Awards, which close about a month before the nomination period for the Hugo awards, which close about a month before the Locus Awards, and so on.

So, since that’s on my mind, a two-part question for you:

1) what’s ONE thing published last year you’re looking forward to reading but haven’t yet?

2) What’s ONE thing published last year you’d like to get someone else to read?

(No counting This Is How You Lose the Time War for either!)

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend,




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