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Friday Open Thread (with Read/Watch/Listen)

Hello friends,

We live in interesting, terrifying, chaotic times. Let’s talk about things we’re enjoying, just for a bit, OK?


I just finished Nino Cipri’s Finna and reviewed it for NPR Books — forthcoming tomorrow or Sunday, probably — and absolutely loved it. Highly recommend for anti-capitalist IKEA-inspired minimum-wage shenanigans with a bruised & blooming queer heart.


I started watching The Dragon Prince, a cartoon series on Netflix, and I … am not really getting on with it, I’m sorry to say, for a number of reasons, so please let me just recommend Kipo & the Age of Wonderbeasts instead, a vastly superior show with gorgeous animation, beautiful music, an all-PoC cast of protagonists (on-screen and voiced) that feels like a beautiful cross between Adventure Time post-apocalyptic wackiness and Avatar: the Last Airbender’s incredible animal hybrids.


Honestly I’ve been mainlining the Kipo soundtrack, from which I was introduced to Dope Saint Jude and Kittie Harloe, both of whom are phenomenal! Listen to Dope Saint Jude’s “Grrl Like,” follow it up with Kittie Harloe’s “Fight the War,” GET PUMPED.

How about all y’all? What’ve you been reading, watching, listening to? Sound off, friends! And have a lovely weekend.