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Max Gladstone Has a New Book Coming Out!

Max Gladstone Has a New Book Coming Out!

Friends! I'm absolutely thrilled to get to share this with you. Max Gladstone, my very dear friend and partner-in-word-crimes, has a new novel coming out in February! It's called Last Exit, it's absolutely phenomenal, and as of today you can both admire the stunning cover and pre-order it!

Novel cover for LAST EXIT. The image is a vertically-aligned futuristic cityscape in a mix of malachite-greens, hugging the left hand margin; the city's skyscrapers point to the right, and a storm of acid-green sky darkening to black swirls around them. To the right, the words LAST EXIT are stacked atop each other in tall, widely spaced capitals, and above them, "Hugo and Nebula award winning Max Gladstone". The overall effect is moody, mysterious, threatening.
Art by Sylvain Sarrailh

It's been my honour and joy to have read this book through multiple drafts and transformations – Max writes about them here – and the final result is genuinely staggering. Here's my attempt at a restrained and dignified blurb:

Last Exit is Max Gladstone’s best work yet, a novel carved by hand out of salt and rock and bone, a road broken clean through a dying country’s heart. This is what the Great American Novel wishes it could be: honest, furious, in love.

This is a novel about grown-ups growing up. It's a novel of one's thirties, of reckoning with one's twenties, of probing the foundations of one's self to find the cracks and fissures running up to our hearts. It's a novel about America, what it dreams it is and what it isn't.

I hope you'll read Max' words on the subject and then do yourselves the favour of pre-ordering it!

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