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Signal Boost: Mythic Delirium Kickstarter

After 15 years of being a DIY print zine, Mythic Delirium is coming online, thanks to a stretch goal in the very successful Clockwork Phoenix 4 Kickstarter campaign.

I’m very excited about this, not least because I’m contributing to the first issue, along with Karthika Nair, Sonya Taaffe, C.S.E. Cooney, Marie Brennan, Alexandra Seidel, S. Brackett Robertson, Ken Liu, and Virginia Mohlere. Remember this glorious cover image?

So that will be Issue 0.1, available as an ebook to subscribers, after which Mike Allen will be releasing free content every month along the following schedule:

Featured in July
The Wives of Paris • Marie Brennan
Ahalya: Deliverance • Karthika Naïr
Cuneiform Toast • Sonya Taaffe

Featured in August
Hexagon • Alexandra Seidel
Voyage to a Distant Star • C.S.E. Cooney
Rhythm of Hoof and Cry • S. Brackett Robertson

Featured in September
Echoes in the Dark • Ken Liu
This Talk of Poems • Amal El-Mohtar
Two Ways of Lifting • Virginia M. Mohlere

So, the first year is funded thanks to that previous Kickstarter. But if there’s going to be any more after that, the new Mythic Delirium will need subscribers, and that’s the model on which Mike Allen’s running a new Kickstarter campaign: rewards attached to subscriptions in order to fund the next two years.

I can genuinely say I’ve never been as impressed by the running of a Kickstarter as I was by Mike’s Clockwork Phoenix campaign. All rewards delivered on time (and some ahead of schedule), the anthology a beautiful (and timely!) success, and Mike kept us all informed every step of the way. I’ve seen many a Kickstarter exceed its goals and draw a great deal of support only to be overwhelmed by unplanned-for success and then flounder in delays, but Mike has proven he’s more than up to the (often gargantuan) tasks he sets himself, and I admire that tremendously.

I really want to see this ‘zine succeed, and this campaign is crucial to that, so I hope you’ll consider a subscription.