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This Is How You Draw the Time Prize!

Giveaway winners! Please reply to this email!

The names have been drawn! The prizes, assigned! I’m so excited to send you your swag!

But first — I will need those of you named below to reply to this message (in email, not on the website) with your mailing addresses!

(I didn’t realize that Substack wouldn’t actually show me your email addresses with your comments, so I can’t just email the winners directly — and though I figured I could just comment in reply to the winners, it occurred to me some of you may have muted the high-activity threads! My apologies for this extra step!)

Winners of RED Enamel Pins

Michele Campbell

Dave Agnew


Alyssa F.


Winners of BLUE Enamel Pins






Winners of Double-Signed Hardcovers

Paul C

Girish M. Duvvuri

Winner of Double-Signed Paperback

Nicole (with the adorable pup-in-cup avi)

Thank you all so much for taking part, and most especially for your very kind birthday wishes! I’ll start sending out your prizes as soon as I have your addresses.

All best,