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Three Thrilling Things to Do With Winter and One to Do With Thrills

A flurry of lovely things this morning: I opened my email to find an acceptance from Tina Connolly of flash-fiction podcast Toasted Cake for “Mon pays c’est l’hiver,” and my RSS feeds to find a wonderful review by Sofia Samatar of the issue of Lackington’s in which that story appears. A good day for stories about winter, homesickness, and sick homes!

But both of these pale in comparison to the third thing, which is that my sister, brother-in-law, and youngest brother sent me a video of them performing “Open Door” from Frozen just for me, with my sister and BIL playing Ana and Hans while my brother provides the most stoic maracas performance in the history of everything.

I want very much to share it with the world but can’t until they wake up in Canada to give me permission, so for now you must rest happy in the knowledge that it is perfection and has yet to stop making me ridiculously happy.

In other news, I’m moderating an online panel this evening! At 5:00 PM EST (9:00 PM GMT at the moment due to the magic of time zones and the end of DST) I’ll join Malinda Lo, Jaye Wells, and Michael Marshall in a Google+ hangout to discuss genre thrillers in general and three of their books in particular. This is the first time I’ve done anything like this so I’m nervous and excited; closer to the event there’ll be a link posted through which you can watch it happening live on Youtube, and chime in with questions through it and/or on Twitter if you like. In fact, if any of you have burning questions about Malinda Lo’s Adaptation, Jaye Wells’ Dirty Magic, or Michael Marshall’s We Are Here — or any questions about genre thrillers more generally — do feel free to leave them in comments, and RSVP to the event.