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CONvergence 2016: Guest(s) of Hono(u)r!

Well, Michael Lee declares it to be in print and therefore a thing that can be told: I’ll be one of the Guests of Honour at CONvergence in Minneapolis next year, along with Christopher Jones, Mark Oshiro, and Joseph Scrimshaw!

Convergence GoH

This will be my first GoH gig and I still can’t entirely believe it’s happening? The day I received the invitation, almost a month ago, had been going so poorly that the only thing I could think to answer besides “yes” was “…but are you sure?”

They’re sure, and so am I, and I’m so freakin’ excited I can’t even. ALL IS ODD.

Genuinely, the CONvergence 2016 tagline feels remarkably apt. How exactly DID I get here? Author, Poet, Critic. I am all of these things.

These last two weeks continue to give me day-to-day whiplash.