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Defending V FOR VENDETTA -- The Movie -- on Unjustly Maligned

It can be told!

logo-ump-1xA long while ago now, Antony Johnston invited me to appear on Unjustly Maligned, a podcast where guests turn up to “explain why that thing you hate is actually really great.” I was stymied by this brief — OBVIOUSLY all the things I love are objectively and universally adored by all people of good sense — until recent events reminded me of V for Vendetta, the comic, which prompted remembrance of V for Vendetta, the film, and my blistered attempts at talking to anyone who loved the comic about how I thought the film was actually a pretty good adaptation oh my gods you’ve already stopped reading haven’t you you’re throwing things at the screen HEAR ME OUT.

Hear me out on the podcast, in fact! I had a wonderful time chatting with Antony about it and the state of the world. And while you’re at it, consider subscribing! Antony’s a fantastic, charming host, this podcast is a fabulous concept I wish I’d thought of, and I hope to appear on it again as soon as I’ve thought of something else I love that most people hate.