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Flash Fiction: "Time, Like Water" and "As Above"

Flash Fiction: "Time, Like Water" and "As Above"

img_5770Last year, the Rubin Museum invited me to write a very short story for publication in their magazine, Spiral, on the theme of “The Future as an Ever-Renewing Now”. I said I was interested in writing something about water, climate change, and cycles, compressed into their required wordcount. As I wrote, the assignment evolved — and I ended up writing two pieces, one of which is a more straightforward translation of the other, both of which Spiral wanted to publish.

Time, Like Water” came first; “As Above” came second.

In the first one’s case, I’m especially grateful to Annalee Flower Horne and Caitlyn Paxson for their input; in the second, two hours spent in the quiet company of Derek Künsken, Nicole Lavigne and Brandon Crilly produced the fastest rewrite ever.

I hope you enjoy them!