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Friday Open Thread (with Canadian Thanksgiving)

A maple branch with bright red leaves extends across a background of blue sky, river, and bright green grasses

Dear Friends,

This weekend I'm celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving with my family, and all the things I want to write about feel too big, and I am so tired, and my restorative activity lately has been wandering around taking far too many photos of light shining through leaves* while I think about autumn, and movement, and time passing, and loss, and gratitude.

In short, this time of year thou mayst in me behold, and the only question I really have for you is this: suppose the photo below were magic, and that just by wanting it enough you could walk through it towards wherever in the world you wanted to be, without cost, or airports, or borders, and a guaranteed way back as soon as you wanted it. But it only works once, and it only works tonight. Where would you find yourself?

A red metal gate leans against a slender oak tree, its lobed leaves lit by the rays of a setting sun in the distance. A dirt path leads towards the sun, cutting through grasses and further distant trees. Rays of light stream visibly towards the camera; the effect is warm and evocative of early October in Ontario.

Wishing you a profoundly good weekend full of wonder and grace,


* a phenomenon I've been informed is called subsurface scattering, thank you Quinn!


A selfie in which I tenderly rest my cheek against an advanced reading copy of C. S. E. Cooney's SAINT DEATH'S DAUGHTER while looking at the camera. Cover description: against a black background, the title words are in a cursive italic script embellished with pink roses, blue foliage, a dagger, bones, musical instruments, a padlock and a bird in flight. These design elements make up the tangled brown hair of a young woman's profile outlined in brown against the black.