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Friday Open Thread (with music)

Friday friends! Hello!

I’m percolating a longer letter about music, but recently I’ve been cycling through two artists on repeat while I walk to work or cook or do the dishes: Agnes Obel and Orville Peck. I’m going to be thinking about them in tandem for a while, because I started to insist a friend listen to Obel and they responded by insisting I listen to Peck and now their respective (extremely different!) aesthetics shake hands in my heart. Agnes Obel is the cool blue trickle of the first song of hers I heard (“Riverside”) reflected and refracted through “Broken Glass” to her imminent album release later this month; Peck is the vivid, luminous red of stage curtains through a high-saturation filter, Velvet Goldmine meets Johnny Cash at a crossroads to give the devil a soul out of pure compassion without losing their own.

(Yes, sure, it all comes back to red and blue for me, still!)

Anyway! What are you all listening to? What’s good? Have you been introduced to shockingly gorgeous music recently, or revelled in doing that for someone else? Let’s have a listening party.