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Friday Open Thread (with Mythic Quest)

Dear friends,

Stu and I have been watching an Apple original called Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet, about a bunch of misfits who work together at a game studio for a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game of the same name. We’re six episodes in, and really enjoying it—most notable for me personally has been watching F. Murray Abraham (whom you may recall as Salieri in Amadeus) play a washed up writer whose most notable achievement was winning A NEBULA AWARD in the 1970s (featuring simulated Nebula Award footage!) who walks around carrying an ACTUAL NEBULA AWARD that he produces to punctuate his own statements about his skill (Those blocks of lucite are really heavy!).

The frequent use of the award as a prop seems to have taken some SFWA folk by surprise, which only delights me more!

Have you been watching any new-to-you TV lately? Or playing games? I’d love to hear about them, especially if any have really surprised you (in a good way)!