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Friday Open Thread (with Nebulas!)

Dear friends,

I’m “at” the Nebulas this weekend, and have had a very long day, and am exhausted, so apologies for the late open thread — I’m deeply astonished and genuinely overwhelmed by all the incredible volunteer work that’s gone into making a virtual conference feel like the real thing, complete with forgetting to eat on account of being fuelled by a good panel and retreating to privacy in order to get work done and haphazardly returning to exult in finding one’s friends in a quiet corner.

I have one more panel on Sunday at 11AM PDT / 1PM EST, titled “The Second Life of Stories: Reprints, Translations, Audio & More” — I hope you’ll join! Today’s went beautifully. Tomorrow evening is the Nebula Awards Ceremony, which I am trying very hard not to think about!

Have you ever been to conventions? Are you attending the Nebulas? Please tell me your best memories of conventions and whether you have any aspirations in their direction — maybe we can recommend some that will suit your needs!