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Friday Open Thread (with activism)

Dear friends,

I don’t have it in me today to talk about anything besides the sanctity of Black lives and to stand in solidarity, always, with everyone resisting police brutality around the world.

I want to share a few links here and invite you to add to them in comments, pool ways in which we can all pull together to support our Black friends, family, peers, colleagues, whether or not we can physically attend a protest.

This card is a fantastic list of resources and places and ways to donate curated by Black Lives Matter

This site will split up a single donation across dozens of bail funds across the US

This is a fund to give free therapy to Black women and girls

And, finally, this is FIYAH magazine, a fantastic, ground-breaking publication run by Black writers and artists in order to showcase Black writers and artists. (If you’re already subscribed, do consider their amazing merch).

Black Lives Matter, always.

Love to you all, and stay safe.