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Friday Open Thread (with rest & ease)

(apologies if you’re seeing this twice—the first one wasn’t a thread!)

Dear friends,

The internet is Too Much for me today. Perhaps it is for you too.

Today sees heat in Ottawa breaking into cool wind and clouds, and beyond my window are great green leaves rushing and rustling. I’m dreaming of how to touch more tender, growing things in this confined summer. I’m realizing that one of the reasons I love baking bread is the magic of dough ballooning with yeast, this sense of having fed something that will feed me.

And now I’m calm, the bees in my head have quieted a little, and maybe I will clean something.

What calms you, friends? What lengthens your breath, unlocks your shoulders, smooths the wrinkle in your brow?

Let me leave you with this poem that I love.