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Friday Open Thread (with Juneteenth)

Dear friends,

I’ve been reading a lot about Juneteenth today, which I first heard of perhaps five years ago, and have lately been learning more about. I’d like to recommend reading this piece by Jelani Cobb in the New Yorker and this piece by Tochi Onyebuchi at Tor.com (from last year). The former is short; the latter is long. Take Cobb’s piece as a frame in which to place Onyebuchi’s.

I said this on Twitter about Onyebuchi’s piece:

But hey, it’s open thread time! Following this call by Amistad Books —

I’d love to ask you to recommend two (2) books you love that are written by Black people. (The limit is to avoid reduction to lists & to encourage sharing why you love them specifically!) I’ll start:

The Winged Histories by Sofia Samatar (which I reviewed here)
Riot Baby by Tochi Onyebuchi (which I reviewed here)

So much love to you all. Fight for the liberation of all sentient beings.