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Friday Open Thread (with pandemic, 2)

Dear friends,

This is a thread for talking about what you’ve overcome. In these extraordinary, unprecedented circumstances, when everything feels like an anxious struggle with uncertainty, it’s easy to lose sight of what we’re succeeding at. But we are — YOU are, all the time. Let’s talk about that. Anything from keeping yourselves fed to keeping yourselves entertained.

For my part — I’m back home in Ottawa, with Stu, on our first day of self-quarantine after travel. Today I woke at a sensible-for-this-time-zone hour, went through a week’s worth of parcels and post, made Roberto, and cried on my husband while listening to Phil Collins. It’s been a lot. I expect I’m going to be feeling just how a lot it’s been for a while.

We’re all doing our best. I want us to recognize that and celebrate it and each other.

Now you.