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Glitter & Mayhem: Table of Contents, Cover, and Pre-Orders

Barely three months after reaching their Kickstarter funding goal, Lynne M. Thomas, Michael D. Thomas, and John Klima have released the full Table of Contents for Glitter & Mayhem, as well as the awesome cover by Galen Dara, and made it available for pre-order.

I have a story in it. I am very happy about this.

Table of Contents:

Introduction by Amber Benson
“Sister Twelve: Confessions of a Party Monster” by Christopher Barzak
“Apex Jump” by David J. Schwartz
“With Her Hundred Miles to Hell” by Kat Howard
“Star Dancer” by Jennifer Pelland
“Of Selkies, Disco Balls, and Anna Plane” by Cat Rambo
“Sooner Than Gold” by Cory Skerry
“Subterraneans” by William Shunn & Laura Chavoen
“The Minotaur Girls” by Tansy Rayner Roberts
“Unable to Reach You” by Alan DeNiro
“Such & Such Said to So & So” by Maria Dahvana Headley
“Revels in the Land of Ice” by Tim Pratt
“Bess, the Landlord’s Daughter, Goes for Drinks with the Green Girl” by Sofia Samatar
“Blood and Sequins” Diana Rowland
“Two-Minute Warning” by Vylar Kaftan
“Inside Hides the Monster” by Damien Walters Grintalis
“Bad Dream Girl” by Seanan McGuire
“A Hollow Play” by Amal El-Mohtar
“Just Another Future Song” by Daryl Gregory
“The Electric Spanking of the War Babies” by Maurice Broaddus & Kyle S. Johnson
“All That Fairy Tale Crap” Rachel Swirsky

My story features genderqueer Peri, cabaret, and a Tuckerization of my friend Emily the Slayer whom I love with a great many loves. Instrumental to the story’s composition were Karen Meisner, for the provision of a roller derby t-shirt and shimmery lipgloss; Neil Williamson, for cabaret-consultancy; Adam P. Knave, Wednesday Burns-White, Marianne Kirby, and Caitlyn A. Paxson for beta-reading; Stu West for hand-holding and cheerleading; Rose Lemberg for long-distance folklore translation services; Brit Mandelo for consultation on identity politics; Ekaterina Sedia for help speaking clothes; and my super fantastic family for allowing me to spend a day shunning them in favour of tightly deadlined rewrites. Also Lynne, Michael, and John are super fabulous and I couldn’t ask for a better or more patient team of editors.

I also want to shout out to Bert Finkle & Markee de Saw, Vendetta Vain, and George Speirs, as I’m deeply indebted to their performances at Glasgow’s Spangled Cabaret for affecting me to the degree that it was impossible not to write them into a story.

I can’t wait to read this whole anthology, you guys! I’ve read Seanan’s “Bad Dream Girl” and loved it, which makes me all the happier to see my story snuggling up to hers (as she pointed out, our stories are having a slumber party, which, YES) in the ToC. Gosh I hope people like it.

Finally, I have re-read the ToC enough times that it has become a sort of poem in my head:

Sister Twelve: confessions of a party monster
apex-jump with her hundred miles to Hell.
Star dancer of selkies, disco balls, and Anna,
plane sooner than gold subterraneans the Minotaur Girls.
“Unable to Reach You” Such & Such said to So & So, “revels in the Land of Ice.”
Bess, the landlord’s daughter, goes for drinks with the Green Girl.
Blood and sequins; two-minute warning; inside hides the Monster.
Bad Dream Girl? A hollow play,
just another future song, the electric spanking of the war babies,
all that fairy tale crap.