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Kim Harrison: The Good, the Bad, and the Bad-Ass

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of Kim Harrison’s Hollows series, and in honour of twelve books of witches, vampires, pixies, werewolves, demons, and elves, I’ve written up a recommendation post for NPR’s My Guilty Pleasure.

The final book in the series, The Witch With No Name, will have its cover revealed today at Harrison’s blog (where there’s also a giveaway going on) and is slated for release in September of this year. And then that’ll be it! Thirteen books in ten years.

I started reading the books in 2006 to the sound of Sarah Slean‘s Day One, and the album’s become entwined with the development of Rachel and Ivy’s relationship, which is my favourite thing about the series — as it wanes in the last few volumes, so does my enjoyment. Still, I recommend both, and the combination of album and first three books is very dear to me.

I sort of can’t believe it’s all wrapping up — tangled with the series’ plot lines and romances are my memories of sitting in Perfect Books on a quiet afternoon in between or after classes, treating myself to chapters while alone in the shop. I miss it so much. I think this reviewing gig’s probably the closest I can get to that most ideal of jobs again — to be paid to read, to review, to recommend, to connect people with their ideal books. I’m really very grateful for it.