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PodCasts: Recent Appearances

(Can one really “appear” on a podcast?)

Regardless, it’s been my great good fortune to take part in wonderful conversations on a number of great podcasts recently, so I thought I’d round them all up here:

The Skiffy & Fanty Show episode 297:  In which Usman T. Malik, Max Gladstone and I discuss the category, context and content of Wonder Tales at ICFA 2016, guided by Julia Rios and Shaun Duke. This was a fantastic, sprawling, in-depth discussion, precisely what I wish all panels could be at cons — and while Max and I kept things civil and didn’t cross swords again, the recording did immediately precede the documentation of some Nebula Battle Tableaux with Sam J. Miller and Alyssa Wong.

What can I say, I get feisty after good chat.

Radio Free Skaro episode 524: In which I join fabulous hosts Chris Burgess, Steven Schapansky and Warren Frey to rewatch and discuss Doctor Who episode “The Girl Who Lived.” I had a wonderful time!

Rocket Talk episode 77: In which Justin Landon and I devote an entire episode to talking exclusively about Hamilton and answer decisively the question of whether or not it’s genre. (It is.)

This is of course in addition to my regular gig with the Down and Safe crew, and the narration of stories and poems I do for UncannyMy most recent narrations there were of Seanan McGuire’s powerful story “Ye Highlands and Ye Lowlands,” and Isabel Yap’s gorgeous poem “Alamat.” Also, Julia Rios, Layla Al-Bedawi and I are teaming up to launch a podcast called Walkthroughthe first episode of which will appear very soon!

Where Down and Safe is concerned… Well. The last episode we released discussed “Trial,” but the last episode we recorded discussed “Hostage.”

At which I am forever making this face.

Podcast Hostage