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Rocket Talk + Fulcrum Interview

A couple of weeks ago, at Justin Landon’s invitation, I had a long, rambly, hilarious, intense conversation with him and Natalie Luhrs over Ethics in Literary Journalism (for real). Justin Landon is, however, an absolutely brilliant curator of people’s speech, so what I remember as a 2-hour behemoth of blather (purely on my part, as I gesticulated at Skype and drummed on the desk and shifted in my seat to aid thought-formulation) has been distilled into just over an hour’s worth of actually really cogent and balanced conversation that I found myself listening to with interest even though I’d participated in it.

(I only wanted to argue with something I said once! So that’s something!)

It’s a conversation I’d been craving for a long time, and the whole thing was a fantastic experience from start to finish. Many thanks to Justin and Natalie for it!

In other news, closing a 14-year circle, I was interviewed by my alma mater’s independent student newspaper about The Honey Month and winning the Rhysling award three times and teaching at the University of Ottawa. This made me so happy. The years I spent at this university were so blazingly joyful, and this really crystallized my awareness of how strange and wonderful it is to find myself here again as a teacher.