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Social Media Hiatus: March 1 - April 1

Social Media Hiatus: March 1 - April 1

I’m taking a break from social media again. No one thing occasioned it — I’ve just been craving the deeper breathing and quiet, slowed-down brain cycles that accompany stepping back.

During this hiatus, I will

  • continue to teach 2 courses
  • read for comprehensive exams
  • read for reviews
  • get my house in order for April visitors
  • write 3 chapters of novel
  • record podcasts
  • play with my nephew
  • commit to getting healthy again

There may be 1 or 2 days where promoting something (The Djinn Falls in Love and Other Stories is coming out March 9, have I mentioned?) is necessary enough to peek in from a desktop, but a brief, scheduled visit to the Twitters feels more palatable than having it live in my hands and eyes at all times.

Keep well, friends! Do consider leaving me comments here if it takes your fancy. I miss the slower solidity of longer-form blogging, and hope to do more of it.