book of witches

A red brick wall covered in vines and branches, broad leaves shifting colour from green to red at the beginning of autumn.

Letter of News: Books of Witches, Can*Con schedule and Menewood Review

Dear Friends, It's October! There's a great deal to share! Let's dive into it.
3 min read
On the left, a modern, cartoony interpretation of a witch; on the right, a more traditional woodcut-inspired one.

Letter of News: August Star Wars Witches

Dear Friends, Happy Lammas, Merry Lughnasadh, and a fine August 1 to you all! The first day in August is
3 min read
Close up on a pinecone ornament dangling from a bare branch on a bright sunny day against a snowy background.

Letter of News: Columns of Witches Dressed as People

Dear friends, February's felt uncharacteristically long, and I think it's mostly been the snow. But today
5 min read