jessica p wick

Blackberry brambles in white bloom against a sunny blue sky, the sun tangled up in one of the top stems.

Letter of News: Vanished Spring Edition

Dear Friends, The crocuses, squill, and lilacs have all been and gone. The last time I wrote was March 8,
5 min read
A skeletal winter tree foregrounded against pure blue sky, with two silhouetted crows perched towards the top right branches.

AugurCon Keynote 2022: Up With the Birds

Dear Readers, What follows is the transcript – edited and condensed for clarity – of a keynote talk I was invited to
26 min read
A wild scattering of very pink rose petals in very green grass.

Tonight: An Evening with Far-Flung Friends

Dear Friends, I've been remiss in writing to you; I blink and a new Friday's rolled
3 min read