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Three Posts on Tor.com

Links! So many links!

Since Thor: The Dark World is opening in the US this Friday, I figured I should link to my review of it on Tor.com!

And while I’m linking to reviews, a few weeks ago I wrote an indictment of The Legend of Korra by comparing “The Sting” and “The Ember Island Players.” The comments do not agree with me, and I’m still a bit sore that I wrote up a super thorough rebuttal to all their points and my browser crashed before I could dazzle them with the eloquence of my right-itude. Since having posted that review, of course, the show has taken a sharp turn for the better, but getting into the mechanics of how and why that still saddens me probably deserves its own post. 

Finally, I wrote a post summing up From Sindbad to Sci-Fithe salon-style event dedicated to Arab SF at which I spoke in London last month, in the company of Samira Ahmed, Ziauddin Sardar, and Khyle Alexander Raja.