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Friday Open Thread (with pandemic)

Hello friends.

This is an open thread to let it all hang out. Tell me your fears, how you’ve been spending your day(s), what’s been cancelled that you’ve been looking forward to, your precautions, everything. Let’s just be together in this space that isn’t Twitter. Let us take inventory of how many losses are enabling us and our loved ones to live safer.

For my part, I was booked to teach a conference in Sicily the last week of March; I was going to go to the LAT Book Festival and attend the award ceremony for the Ray Bradbury award; I’m looking towards New Zealand’s Worldcon with uncertainty, since it’ll be winter there during the event. And I’ve spent most of today trying to undo/reorganize the coverage I arranged for next week’s classes given my very sudden travel to Glasgow, from where I’m presently writing. It’s very strange to feel grateful for classes being cancelled because it aligns with my own only-tangentially-related-to-virus situation!

Alternately, if you’d prefer to not talk about fears but still want to hang out… What are you nominating for the Hugos!!! Remember the deadline’s at 11:59 PST tonight! (NO NEED TO TELL ME if you’re nominating Time War, I of COURSE love & appreciate your choice but seriously let’s talk about all the other brilliant things that we read and watched and enjoyed last year!)

So much love to you all,