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Live from NYC

Friends! Hello!

A more organised person less accustomed to doing things by the seat of her pants and more skilled at keeping her friends apprised of her plans and movements would have written this post weeks ago. That person, however, would not have been me, so probably you would not be reading that post in this space, unless there were a Body Swap scenario in play, and I hate those with the hate of hell, but I love your beauty passing well, O the Earl was fair to see, etc, etc, I ramble, this is how you know it is me and not my alien double, it is a CODE.

AS IT IS, I write from Hamilton Heights in NYC! Here I am! With Stu! This evening I am going to set up shop at Cafe Select for a few hours so that anyone so inclined can come visit with us! Here is more info. Please do come! It would be great to see you! I will never be able to see all the people I love in NYC in the same trip, so am trying to at least see the people I haven’t seen the last two trips, and go on from there.

“But Amal,” you’d be within your rights to ask, “what brings you to NYC this winter?”

“Well, friend,” I would reply, “A bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean by Providence–”

“Amal can you please stop quoting Hamilton long enough to answer a simple question”

But that is the answer, friend.

I am in town to see Hamilton.

On my birthday.

Which is tomorrow.

It’s a dream and it’s a bit of a dance.

But we’re here, and I just can’t wait.


I need to run around the neighbourhood now but more on this miracle later!

And I do hope you can make it to Cafe Select!